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PCOS and Infertility/Fertility

I see this posted a lot around the net including here on tumblr and it just makes me wonder what is being told to those who have PCOS … Just because someone has PCOS doesn’t mean that they can not have children it just means that it might well be harder to do so then it other wise might be. 

There are many women out there who have PCOS who have had a child without even knowing that they had PCOS to start with and only learned about it after giving birth, or they learn they have it while they are pregnant. 

Having PCOS doesn’t mean you will never have a family if that is your choose, there are always options open to you to make your dream a reality, you just have to be understanding that there is always the small chance that you actually are infertile but its by no means a high % of those with PCOS who are. 

Yes having a child of your body and blood might well be a high point to many women out there, but its not the pinnacle of being a woman. Any woman can reproduce and become a parent, but it is those who wish to be a parent and take the steps to become a parent who have a good idea of what it is they are choosing to become. Which means that adoption is almost always an option, as is having another woman agree to carry the child of you and your partner (though not always legal depending on where you are located).

We all have our hope and dreams, for some it is to me a parent and for other’s its just to be a good partner, have a good job and contribute to the world in some fashion that doesn’t involved reproduction, and still other’s have an interest in being a parent but do to life it never happens so they put their energies into other things that have meaning. Nun of it makes one any less a women for making the choice not to have children or for having a life and well not having them for what ever reason. A woman is not defined by ones ability or lack there of to reproduce. 

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